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We have expanded with a relocation division.

Our company, HSA, has expanded with a relocation division. The aim of the new business segment is to assist foreign workers and their families in settling in Hungary.

In Hungary, the persistent labor shortage has led businesses to frequently resort to employing foreign workers to meet staffing needs. Moreover, multinational corporations often bring in skilled specialists, known as expatriates, who can effectively train local employees, particularly during the initiation of new factories or projects. This trend is becoming more prevalent across diverse sectors, exerting a substantial influence on the dynamics of the domestic labor market. In 2022, nearly 90,000 residence permits were issued for employment purposes as a result of these practices.

In both cases, relocation is the solution, which involves the transfer or exchange of labor. We have been entrusted with similar tasks for years, which is why we launched our new business segment by leveraging the accumulated experience to a higher level. With this new venture, we support foreign workers and their families arriving in the country in every aspect that facilitates and simplifies their integration. Whether it’s for companies or individuals, we provide comprehensive assistance from travel arrangements to handling the entire visa process, applying for residency permits and tax cards, as well as aiding in finding housing or rental accommodations. If families are arriving, we help with placing children in daycare or schools, addressing healthcare-related inquiries, and even opening bank accounts.

Relocation is not unfamiliar to us, as the company has been engaged in labor lending, recruitment, and executive selection since 2000. In 2015, We were among the first to venture into importing Ukrainian labor, accumulating nearly 10 years of relocation experience. Albert Vitos, responsible for labor recruitment and executive selection, has been entrusted with leading the new division.

“Our legal team has several years of experience in the field of official immigration processes, and moreover, we are mostly available anytime for our clients. Additionally, through us, the visa application process is faster compared to handling it independently,” summarized the division manager, highlighting what sets HSA apart from other companies.

Clients also have the opportunity for face-to-face meetings at our central office of relocation division, located in Debrecen. However, thanks to our extensive network and decades of experience, our services are available throughout the entire territory of Hungary.